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Ya Wanna?

Last weekend I, hands down, had one of the best Sunday’s of my life. OK, technically my best friend had the best Sunday of her life but I was able to be a part of it and that is something I will always cherish. This girl. She is my soul sister. We have been best friends since we were 12 years old. There’s no mountain I wouldn’t climb for this woman. We share everything and hold nothing back. So, I meet Rob, and I instantly knew he was the one I would be sharing my best friend with and I am 100% OK with it. He’s the one. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect man for her. The love they share can’t be put into words but you can see and feel it in every picture I took of them.

I’m sure you’re ready for the backstory. Anyone who knows Kayla knows that she is impossible to trick. BUT WE DID IT ROB!! I get a message and I squealed so loud the neighbors heard.IMG_5081

I called and he said “I need you partner. I got a ring the other day. I want you to make her think she’s just going out to get some pictures done. I want to ask her at my grandma’s farm. Can ya do it?” YOU BETCHA BUDDY! He chuckled and said “Aight, let’s do this”. I told Rob about the endless talks she and I have had and I asked him if I could make a board for them to hold after he popped the question. IF I was even able to sneak it without her seeing. Rob is the kind of guy that when he speaks, you know it’s important and straight to the point. We would laugh and talk about how we thought he would propose. We came up with one perfect, fitting phrase: “Ya Wanna”?

ANYWAYS back to the story; I’ve been begging Kayla to take pictures for months so that I could update my website so when I bugged her about it yet again, she didn’t think much of it. She even asked me: “Rob’s off that day would you mind taking a few pictures of us since I don’t have any good ones?” Of course I said “Yeah he can come if he helps carry my stuff, does he know any good places? I want to try a new location”.

And that’s the end of that. She had no clue. She and Rob were sitting on the quilt by the pond and she was looking at the camera smiling. He held the ring out. She was still looking at the camera smiling, then she looked at Rob for a second then back at me. She immediately did a double take. She realized he was holding a ring. “Wait, WHAT!?” Rob said “You want to marry me babe?” and I really don’t need to tell the rest of the story because the pictures say it all.

I love you both. I can’t wait to celebrate your love for each other. And I love the man that let me be a part of my best friends special day. Now sit back, grab a tissue and hit play on that music button!

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