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Sweet Summer Art Sale!


I’m pretty excited today because..IT’S MY FIRST BLOG POST! And any reason is a good reason to make more art so I’ve decided to celebrate my new website and first blog post by having a sale on my custom paintings! I made my first small family painting last year for myself to hang in the foyer of our house. It was our first time buying a house and I was feeling so nostalgic that I had to make the first thing I would see when I came home something personal. And nothing makes a house a home like family. Every time we had visitors someone would comment on how cute they thought it was and thats when I started making them for other people. I love each and every little family painting I’ve made and I love seeing how different each one is. So this summer I’m marking down my family paintings to $25 instead of $35. The painting is 6″x9″ and done in acrylic paint.



Also, today I painted a small selfie for myself and I love it so much I had to share! If anyone is interested in having something like this made let me know! I would love to make another!


More art posts are definitely on the way because I will be teaming up and collaborating with my friend Marsha from Blackbird Hand Lettering + Handmades within a week or so and we will be turning out some awesome new prints combining our hand calligraphy and art skills! I can’t wait!

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